Prepared by the fourth generation of producers of spirits and distilled from the state of Michoacan, Casa Tarascos in a tradition and reference of the mastery of the production of spirit drinks based on cane.

Privileged Area

Located in a unique area for the flavor, properties and characteristics of its cane fields, our distillates have the privilege of being made with the finest selection of canes of the Mexican field, which provide a handmade, natural and unique to a drink that enhances our region.

The art of patience.

After distilling the best of the cane from our country, we carry out a process of years of aging and selection of our products to achieve unique and unparalleled flavors.

The artisanal process

For more than 110 years of uninterrupted production, the Tarasco House dynasty continues to produce its products under the most traditional and ancient principles that maintain their origins and flavor.